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Boat Party NY offer private boat rentals and open to the public cruises. So you are interested in having a party a boat that is closed to just you and your group we can accommodate you to make it a great experience or if you are looking to go on a party boat with you and your friends and are cool with making some new ones we can help you there as well. Give us a call a Party Boat NY Specialist will find the best package to fit your budget and ensure you have an excellent experience.

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Tuesday People Having Fun


Why not take your whole office for a surprise Party Cruise around New York! You don't need many reasons to build a great experience with your team on a fun luxury cruise against the New York City skyline as a backdrop. This is a no-brainer! $25 general admission, per person. Tuesday Evening Cruises Tuesdays, May 03 - Tuesday, October 04 2016


Thursday People Having Fun


Thirsty Thursday! Whether is a night out with some friends or a event or an evening with co-workers, make it a memorable one on a party boat cruise around New York Harbor. Remember why you love Thursday and prep yourself for an amazing weekend ahead. $25 general admission, per person. Thursday, May 05 2016 - Thursday, October 06 2016


Friday People Having Fun


You can never go wrong with a party boat cruise on a Friday night! Everyone is ready to relax and get the weekend started. Get a group of friends together and come out to meet some new people. The bar and intoxicating view is sure to bring out the party animal in all of us. $45 general admission, per person. Friday, May 20 2016 - Friday, October 07 2016


Saturday People Having Fun


Listen to the music on board as the DJ brings your Saturday night into full swing. The combination of music, well made and plentiful drinks, and of course, the gorgeous view. You can have you cake and eat it too. Don't miss out on this fool proof game plan! $45 general admission, per person. Saturday, May 07 2016 - Saturday, October 08 2016



New York Skyports East 23rd Street & FDR Drive, New York NY 10010